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Adoption is one of the most important steps an adult or child can take. An adopted person is treated in law as if born as the child of the adopter, the adopters become the child’s parents with full parental responsibility for the child.

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The law on Adoption is complicated, however our Adoption law team has substantial experience in advising and guiding clients through the process.

If you have children that the local authority are seeking to place for adoption then our specialist childcare solicitors can help

Our Adoption law team can help with

Talking to Social Services
Taking you through the Court process
Advising on your Financial position

How much will it cost?

At JWP Solicitors we always have a transparent approach to our fees. Our solicitors will always at the outset of your case set out clearly the likely costs. For some adoption cases we will be able to offer you a fixed price for the work once we have obtained full details of your case. In the alternative, we will carry out work at our hourly rate.

Legal aid is available in some circumstances for adoption cases. We will always assess you for eligibility.

You can contact us at any time free of charge during the course of, or at the conclusion of your case, with any queries in relation to costs or any other area of client care. Your solicitor will discuss with you at the outset an appropriate plan for the payment of our legal costs.

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John Wood

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Amanda Steele

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Joanne Whitehead

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