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Disputes can have a drastic effect on both parties. Where disputes have turned acrimonious it can be very difficult to get the other side to adopt a more reasonable position. If the situation escalates both sides become more entrenched and the chances of a peaceful solution disappear.

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Do you have a general dispute that needs resolving?

Dispute law is a specialised area and we have the expertise to assist you.

Are you having problems with any of the following?

  • Someone owing you money or claiming money from you.
  • Faulty goods.
  • A dispute over property ownership, boundaries or rights of way.
  • Someone’s will or inheritance.
  • Civil court proceedings.

Do you feel you have gone as far as you can yourself to resolve the problem?
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  • Legal assistance tailored to your needs and financial resources at a fixed price.

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Property Disputes
Civil Disputes
Financial Disputes

How Much Will it Cost?

We can offer you a first 15 minute interview free to put you on the right track.Thereafter our costs will usually be charged at an hourly rate.However, we can offer fixed fees for specific work which we can agree with you in advance to help you secure the outcome you wish to achieve.