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23 May 2014

A day in the life of…

For a family lawyer only a small proportion of their day or week is spent in Court.

For most of us we are at our desks speaking to our Clients who are facing daily difficulties on a range of problems.

Monday morning brings the challenges of failed contact arrangements or difficult alcohol fuelled exchanges that have got out of hand.  Friday afternoons often involve us tirelessly working to ensure that the plans of all of our Clients for the weekend are as clear and problem free as they can be.

In between we can be dealing with anything from acute domestic violence to serious financial worries.  Add all that to the various Court commitments and client meetings and you will have a picture of a busy and diverse working day. To manage all of that when emotions are running high takes skill, dedication, commitment and patience.

Not all of what we do is beyond the financial reach of the general public.  I am sure you will agree that paying the right price and getting the right lawyer for the job is essential, so why not speak to us about our various fee options, including a range of Family Fixed Prices.

Why not also take advantage of our free half hour appointments to see if we can help you sort out those challenging family situations that many of us will face.

Delia Crofts-Turnbull