A week in the life of a Trainee Solicitor

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25 March 2015

A week in the life of a Trainee Solicitor

Arriving at the office on the first day and I felt like a new kid at school, nervous for what might be and excited to be starting the next chapter of my career.

Having been given a tour of the office and meeting lots of new people, I was shown to my new desk.  My new desk was situated in the same office as the Head of Family which hasn't been as daunting as it may at first sound.

On the second day I came face to face with real life law in practice.  Between desperately trying to remember peoples' names, and not offending people by using their mug whilst making coffee, I sat in on a client meeting, a court hearing and solicitor negotiations.  My eyes were opened to the real world of family law in practice, which has transpired to be even more engaging than I initially anticipated.

The following days consisted of visiting the firm's second office and being introduced to the milk frother (which completely transforms a regular coffee into a Starbucks' rival).  I was also given the task of copying a bundle and delivering it to the court, within a stringent timescale, which I deemed to be a typical trainee task.  I think I would have been slightly disappointed to not have been asked to complete one "trainee task" within my first week...  I also shadowed various client meetings and court hearings and witnessed the law in practice in relation to injunctions, domestic violence, contact and children, finance and property and divorces.  I discovered quickly that you may deal with all these issues within one day!

On Friday I was greeted at the third office with a bacon sandwich, which was a good way to complete my first week.  I had now met everyone in the firm and I was certainly starting to find my feet.  I had my own files to manage and was beginning to take control of these and I had even started to attempt to use the dictaphone.

Life as a trainee is exciting and invigorating, the anticipation and surprise of what the day may bring adds to the enjoyment.  Having left University with the academic side under my belt, I was eager to start to put this into practice and I feel as though I have gone from paralegal to solicitor overnight - I wouldn't change a thing.

I am now in my third week as a trainee, and I write this blog before representing a client at my first court hearing... wish me luck!

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Sophie Metcalfe