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9 September 2016

Client Service is everything

A beautiful Thank You card from a client that we recently received shows how special the relationship can be with our clients and how it makes such a difference when we get it right.

Every business that deals with clients (customers) will be acutely aware that the service delivered can make all the difference.  In many ways the product or service we sell can be bought from many different suppliers and although the cost of the product being purchased does have some bearing it is often the relationship we develop or have with the client (customer) that sways whether they will become or stay a client (customer).

Having spent many years in businesses where customer service is king I am more than well aware that you are only as good as your weakest link.  The Legal industry also provided its own challenges in this regard as you will often need to give your client advice that they don't necessarily want to hear.  The client can in the heat of the moment construe this the wrong way, although as with many things that are difficult it is often how you have built and developed the relationship that will ultimately be the key factor.  So if right from the start the relatonship is built around being honest and engaging, and ensuring the client understands any limitations then you are more likely to have a client that believes you have delivered the very best for them, even if not everything goes their way.  This is good customer service.

This doesn't just come from the Lawyers though, equally as important are the support staff - no good being a superb people person lawyer that develops and garners relationships with ease if your secretary is some scowling old wolf that can't stand the sight of people.

When the system works and all staff, whatever their position in the business, show the same level of client care it is beautiful to behold and makes being in a service led business very worthwhile.

We are human however and sometimes we dont get it right.  It can more often than not be how you deal with these times that can make a huge difference to your reputation.  Get it wrong and it can have a far reaching impact upon the business, especially in this modern day of instant feedback via social media.

Client/Customer Service is king and the relationships we have with them are often what makes the work day worthwhile and satisfying.

Written by Paul Rollinson, Practice Director.  

Gareth Long