Family Dispute? Collaborative Law may be your best choice

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12 October 2016

Family Dispute? Collaborative Law may be your best choice

Collaborative family law is when you and your collaborative Solicitor, former partner and their collaborative Solicitor find solutions without going to Court. The parties set the agenda, the rules and you talk in a manner which suits you both and about the things that matter most to you and your family.

You set the pace because you are not governed by Court dates. You and your former partner will meet at a venue agreed and decided by you with the help of your own collaborative Solicitors and you meet together in one room and work out the issues face to face.

You still get the benefit of having your own independent legal advisor but you are in control without the threat of Court proceedings hanging over you and you make the decisions yourselves, rather than a Judge.

In order for collaborative proceedings to work there needs to be a genuine desire to make it work. Both parties need to be willing to disclose fully and honestly information about all assets, liabilities, income and outgoings. You need to engage the skills of a trained collaborative lawyer who is trained and practiced in working in this way. If you have the desire you WILL reach a solution without going to Court.

The collaborative approach has changed the way people resolve family breakdowns. Traditionally when couples have separated they have each taken advice from their Solicitors and correspondence has been exchanged through Solicitors to try to reach an agreement on how to share the assets and the responsibilities for the children. Most reach agreement in this way however where they don't the Family Court’s have to decide and that can lead to uncertainty and heartache and often a situation in which both parties remain dissatisfied.

The best solutions are always those that you have worked out for yourself. That means that the outcome is unique to you and your family, much like your DNA.

If children are involved you will both remain parents and you will be able to communicate better to help your children cope better. This allows you to move forwards and co-parent into the future continuing to work things out thereafter.

Collaborative work should help to ease the pain of a family breakdown and create the best chance of building a brighter future.

Other professionals can join the meetings to assist where needed and we can offer a whole range of additional service from divorce coaches to independent financial advisors and trained children workers.

The collaborative approach really is the modern and sensible approach.

JWP Solicitors have Solicitors who are accredited Collaborative Solicitors so please do contact us if you require assistance.

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