Here at JWP we are serious about Mental Health

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11 August 2016

Here at JWP we are serious about Mental Health

Mental health is not a new thing, but it is still seen as a taboo thing - Why? Perhaps because not enough is known about such issues so it is simply brushed under the carpet for someone else to deal with when the times comes. However by then it is often too late.

Quite often those who are suffering with mental health issues keep this to themselves and the issues they have only come to light once something goes wrong. This can manifest itself within a criminal offence having been committed or problems linked to suicide to name only two.

Sometimes, those who suffer with Mental Health issues attempt to seek help and diagnosis from the outset of their issues in an attempt to gain understanding of what they are going through. Unfortunately ‘mental health’ problems are often very complex in nature and therefore suffers can go undiagnosed for long periods of time and sometimes they are never diagnosed as “Mental Health” issues when they need to be.

It can often be the case that those suffering simply struggle to explain what it is they are going through and can often feel embarrassed. Mental health issues can come in many forms from depression to something more sever such as split-personality disorder, Bipolar or schizophrenia.

Mental health is a serious and prevalent issue and can come to the fore when linked with criminal activity. Dealing with the mental health issue can often deal with their criminal activity be so often we see the issue not dealt with and the criminal activity manifests itself.

It is only in recent years that the phrase “Mental Health” seems to be freely referred to in the media and within the community however, here at JWP, our expert solicitors have faced such issues within the Court room and Police Station for as long as we can remember. There is still very little known in the ‘wider community’ about the issues that people face or how to bring about proper diagnosis.

We have all heard the recent media reports on the 19 year old who murdered an American tourist in Russell Square in London who was reported as having “serious mental health issues”.

We are sure that this report has left many members of the public, not to mention the legal profession, questioning exactly what those ‘mental health issues’ actually were and whether or not this person had received any treatment/preventative measures in the past. If so, how did we let this happen?

We all think that he was clearly let down by the system, or was he?

The very fact that this murder has happened at the hands of someone suffering with mental health issues poses more questions than answers. And yet the media think only to mention ‘mental health’ as being an issue without offering anything more. This does not help the situation.

Even in this modern day world we live, why is Mental Health still taboo? Why do the media refuse to divulge further details of such issues yet they are quick to mention it in the first place? Why are the media quick to refer to ‘mental health issues’ but stop at that? Surely the public would welcome more information, was he let down by the system, was he correctly diagnosed? Surely knowledge of such issues can prevent something similar from happening again.

Let’s face it, mental health is complex in nature. It needs professional diagnosis and assistance. Here at JWP we look to understand our clients and we will always endeavour to ensure that those who need such assistance receive the help that they deserve. So don’t be afraid to speak up before it’s too late.