I just want a Divorce

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21 February 2017

I just want a Divorce

Getting a Divorce, this should be simple right?  Well it’s maybe not a straightforward as we all might think.

I am guessing that when Tini Owens went to see her Solicitor to start the process of divorcing her husband that she expected it to be an emotional but straightforward matter.  How wrong this turned out to be as the judge in the case denied her application, stating that just being unhappy with the person you shared your life with wasn’t enough grounds for divorce.  She is now at the Court of Appeal trying to overturn this ruling.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38978661

I cannot imagine having to keep a bond with someone that I didn’t like and even worse that someone else decides that you must.  Surely marriage is about love and understanding and the willingness of 2 people to spend their lives together?  The court says not unless you can show someone is at fault.  That has to be wrong, surely?

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These are the thoughts of our Practice Director, Paul Rollinson.

Gareth Long