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2 June 2014

Life beyond the Wig

Mention the word “lawyer” to the man on the street and an image of a middle-aged man or woman clad in robes and a wig will probably spring to mind. In reality this image represents a small proportion of lawyers and for those that do wear wigs, robes and gowns this represents a fairly small proportion of their time at work as well.

I would be certain that if you were to wander down your local high street in you would probably be hard-pressed to pick out any lawyers from the lunchtime crowd.

In Pontefract where I am based I regularly bump into fellow lawyers out buying lunch and shopping, and not too long ago I often met the local Judges and Magistrates mulling over what to have for lunch in the aisles of our local supermarket.

Believe it or not we are ordinary human beings just like the clients we represent. Most of us have families, children and problems of our own just like our Clients, so we tend to understand the difficulties our clients face.

For family lawyers it is important, if not vital, in my view, to bring that experience and human touch to our work.  All of us need a friendly ear and cup of tea to ease us through a difficult time in our lives and we all need to be treated with respect and valued. The Family lawyers at JWP Solicitors blend this common caring touch with a wealth of personal and professional experiences.

All qualified lawyers will have chosen to spend an extra 6 years in education after leaving school and will have gone through an additional 2 years with a firm before earning their stripes, so getting there takes commitment and dedication.

At JWP Solicitors all our lawyers are fully qualified, and highly experienced within their chosen field, and as a high street firm serving the local communities that we live we ensure commitment and dedication when dealing with your case, whether big or small.  Blend that dedication and commitment with a caring, friendly human approach and you have the Family lawyers that work within our walls.  So if you need a highly dedicated and experienced family lawyer, give us a call and we will put the kettle on!!

Delia Crofts-Turnbull