Social Media, a possible light at the end of the tunnel?

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9 January 2017

Social Media, a possible light at the end of the tunnel?

It has been a little while since I looked at the wild world of social media and with things being so busy in the run up to Christmas this is a little delayed. I know I said the next instalment would be all about Wayne Rooney and something called Snapchat as I continue delving into the world beyond reality however my thoughts have been swayed to the positive as 2 stories emerged towards the end of last year that almost brought a tear to the eye.

The 1st was a father’s search for a Sippy Cup for his son who is Autistic. His son would only drink from this one type of cup and any efforts to change that had been in vain. As the cup was no longer made and they were down to their last one he turned to social media to ask if anyone could assist. The response was phenomenal and ended with the original manufacturer scouring the globe to find a mould and when one was found they duly stated they would provide a lifetime supply. Read the full story by clicking here

The 2nd story is a story of a young lad who had is bike stolen. The bike was the last gift he had received from his father who had died last year. His mother through the power of social media sent out a heart-felt request for the return of the bike and why it was so important to her son. Shortly afterwards the bicycle was returned in perfect condition. Read the story by clicking here.

These two stories are I’m sure just the tip of the positive power that social media can bring when used for the right reasons.

So, social media is here to stay and I’m just going to have to embrace it and if the President Elect is anything to go by it will be the only way to find out about anything coming from the good old U.S of A so I best get started now.

These are the musings of our Practice Director, Paul Rollinson who whilst closing in on 50 believes that he has embraced technology, but hasn’t really.

Gareth Long