Social Media, I am a little confused Part 1

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28 November 2016

Social Media, I am a little confused Part 1

Firstly I get the irony. Me giving Social Media a telling off whilst then promoting it through Social Media. Secondly your old I hear you shout. Yes I am and I fully understand that things change, I have come a very long way from my Dragon 32 as a teenager to a gleaming “I can do everything for you” smart phone. Is it for the better, I’m not sure!

A number of things have caught my eye over the past few weeks which have caused me to mull over the benefits or not of Social Media.

Was Fake News on Facebook was responsible for Donald Trump winning the US election? If this is the case then maybe those individuals that used Facebook as their reference for voting need to really take a hard look at their lives… Really Facebook as your reference for electing a president!!!

I had a personal account on Facebook for a number of years, tickling away with the odd posting and watching some amusing content about cats or a JWP Director removing a bucket from a sheep’s head (yes people that is out there). However I truly got fed up with people diarising their lives on there. I really don’t need to know what Dave the Electrician (who I used to go to school with 30 years ago) had for breakfast, then lunch and then the poor fella only having Beans on Toast once he got home. I don’t want to know and I don’t think anyone wants to know, not even his wife…

Or maybe they do and I am in the minority? I gave up Facebook and my life goes on as normal. Not once, until this morning have I wondered what Dave’s culinary habits were so I can honestly say I don’t feel any worse off. Millions however continue, catching up on the latest cat video and the lives of people they may know. That’s fine and I am sure given its popularity it will continue for many years to come but please everyone let’s not use Facebook content as the sole reference for voting or making major decisions, aren’t we better informed than that?

Bizarrely Part 2 coming up soon will be all about something called Snap-Chat (oh yes Snap-Chat) and Wayne Rooney…

These are the musings of our Practice Director, Paul Rollinson who whilst closing in on 50 believes that he has embraced technology, but hasn’t really.

Gareth Long