The Personal Injury "Big Bang"

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2 April 2013

The Personal Injury "Big Bang"

Many Personal Injury lawyers were naming the 1st April 2013 as "the Big Bang".



Because on that date the Government brought into force signficiant new legislation designed to cut the amount of legal costs being paid out by insurance companies for personal injury compensation claims and imposing a complete ban on payments being made for cases (known as referral fees).


In return the insurance companies have promised to cut your premiums!!

How will these changes be noticed by the public?

No more unsolicited texts or calls offering compensation for accidents you never had?No more endless adverts on TV?No more being pestered in the street by clipboard bearing youths?Reduced car insurance?


Lets be honest, only time will tell if this will happen.


Personally, I hope this legislation will mark a return to claimants with genuine claims returning to their local solicitors who can provide a good traditional service.


Andrew Brown is a hugely experienced Personal Injury lawyer at JWP Solicitors.