The realities of being a Trainee Solicitor at JWP

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21 March 2017

The realities of being a Trainee Solicitor at JWP

I write this blog six months into my training contract and what an amazing six months it has been.  The reality of being a trainee solicitor working for a successful firm immediately after graduating is yet to sink in.  As is the prospect of qualifying into a specialist field and being admitted to the roll of solicitors in eighteen months.

Leading up to the start of my training contract I found myself google searching “what to expect as a trainee solicitor”, following this I concluded that I would be asked to complete mundane administrative tasks and not really getting an insight into the role of a solicitor or have any client contact.  Oh I was so wrong.

Whilst sitting in my Family seat I have had the opportunity to advise and even represent clients at court.  I have helped people throughout the divorce process, arranged suitable contact for fathers with their children, put protective injunctions in place and succeeded in the return of a child.

Having recently moved into my Crime seat I have had the opportunity to sit behind and observe one of our criminal solicitors at the Magistrates Court and then counsel at the Crown Court.  I have also attended conferences at both chambers and Armley prison.

I have learnt a vast amount from my colleagues in the past six months and I am sure I will continue to do so throughout and after my training.  Like every other human I have made mistakes along the way but I now know that I can ask any question, regardless of how stupid I think it is, to avoid making those mistakes and also ensuring that I don’t make the same mistake twice.

To date I have enjoyed every working moment at JWP and I have no doubt I will continue to do so.  I have equally enjoyed the cocktails, quizzes, Law Society ball and the Christmas period and I am really looking forward to struggling my way through the Rough Runner event later in the year...

Alexzandra Kennedy