Where there's a WILL there's a way...

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26 February 2014

Where there's a WILL there's a way...

On a hot sunny summer's day, enjoyed with your family and friends, making a Will is the last thing on anyone's mind, but making a Will is one of the most thoughtful and selfless tasks that you can do for those you care about and enjoy life with.

Making a Will is your only opportunity before you leave your loved ones for good of making clear your final wishes and ensuring that all you have worked for in life passes to those that matter.  Your Will and the personal wishes expressed in it provide comfort and certainty for those who are left.  It doesn't matter how much you may have to leave.

The process is simple.  Put a few ideas together in your head or on a piece of paper and then call us.

Human nature often means that we put off doing things until one day something hits you in the face and you have to do it.  Making a Will is that one job that you can't put off until that day!

Susan Hartley has years of experience drafting these important documents and will ensure that all your wishes are correctly presented so that when the day comes, you can be confident that your wishes are fulfilled.

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