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Services for the Elderly

Services for the Elderly Wakefield, Pontefract, Leeds & Batley

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People are now living longer and family relationships have become more complicated so it is essential to obtain advice about protecting assets and making welfare decisions.

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Plan ahead by making a Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure that your family or close friends can make decisions to deal with your property and finances and make welfare decisions if you are unable to do so.  We can also offer advice about avoiding the implications of long term care fees, the Social Services trap and protection of assets.

Your elderly client solicitor can help you with

Asset protection against care home fees
Lasting Powers
of Attorney
tax planning

How much will it cost?

Despite scare-mongering from other institutions, lawyer’s fees are often far less than those payable to other organisations who hold themselves out as experts in this field.

I have already made an Enduring Power of Attorney so I don’t need to make a Lasting Power of Attorney do I?

The Enduring Power of Attorney cannot delegate power to make welfare decisions and may not be sufficient to enable your Attorney to deal with your property so it is important to have it reviewed.

If I give my house to my children and survive for 7 years can it be included in my assessment for care home fees?

The 7 year rule relates to gifts being made to avoid Inheritance tax and not care home fees. This is a complex area where you should take legal advice.